Filming for O’Neill and The Plastic Project

Pumping surf in the Arctic Circle

Pumping surf in the Arctic Circle

Back in April I travelled with photographer Tim Nunn and pro surfer Micah Lester up to the Lofoton Islands in the far North of Norway. We were shooting for O’Neill wetsuits, with Micah spending hours at a time in the 5º water, although air temps around zero and strong winds coming straight off the pack ice meant it was pretty extreme for all of us. The shoot was everything we hoped for…

Micah and Tim heading back from a surf shoot

Micah and Tim heading back from a surf shoot

We had some adventures hiking into beaches through snow covered mountain passes. We had amazing light (and some rubbish light) and we were a tight crew: the work was smooth and fun. We were also shooting for The Plastic Project – an ocean litter awareness project that Tim started and has been championing on a shoestring budget for the last year.

Mike Cunliffe wraps up in the Lofoten Islands

Mike Cunliffe wraps up in the Lofoten Islands

So now we’re back in the edit suite in North Cornwall and I’m churning through twenty hours of footage that we shot over nine days. We’re producing a five minute short film for O’Neill of the whole trip, as well as a cut down version and a 30 second version for point of sale plus of course a stills set for print advertising and social media.

For the Plastic Project, we’ve started the long form documentary that we’ll shoot over the next year, but we’re also cutting a promo for a hashtag campaign that will drive people to the Plastic Project. Check back for more info!

O’Neill Shoot

I’m currently in Scotland shooting the first part of O’Neill wetsuits and clothing winter 2015/16 range. Primarily this week it has been all about utilising the incredible light and surf to get in the water as much as possible. Conditions have been pristine, in fact some of the best lighting on UK waves I’ve ever seen. We’re wrapping things up this week before moving onto Arctic Norway for the second part.

Scottish Juice

Old Man of Sudan

Travelling is a big part of what we do. Always exciting, always great to take in a foreign culture, particularly when you’re working with locals and getting to know a country with their guidance. But sometimes when work stops and you’re truly on your own and far from home, that’s when you have a great experience. I took this picture on one of these occasions.

The location is in the desert in Sudan, about six hours west of Khartoum. I was trying to take pictures of the mountains as dusk fell, when this old man came up and asked for me to take his photo. He wanted to look at the image on the screen of my camera and seemed truly amazed. Eventually his friend came along and told me he had never had his photo taken. I’d like to say that I printed out a copy and made sure he got it, but I didn’t. I love the picture though: he wears his years well and seemed utterly relaxed.



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