Vestiaire Collective re-cut commercial

We’ve just recut our TV commercial for French ‘pre-owned’ clothing brand Vestiaire Collective – its now 20 seconds long instead of 30 for the UK, and we’ve re-versioned it for Germany with new music and new voice over. Vestiare Collective have gone big on the media spend and the re-cut commercial airs during Made in Chelsea, amongst other places…

Post-production – creative times

“So how was the shoot?”

People always ask about the shoots, about what happened, about the light, whether the contributors were easy to work with etc. But I never get asked about the post-production, and often it’s the most satisfying, creative part of the production, where we find out what we really got and whether we captured the essence of our subject. In May we post produced a short for David Griffen, so no questions about the shoot but some lovely footage to play around with – check it out below. It’s a shoot he did in Jalan Alor food market in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. David went on to win the Food Photographer of the Year with a still from this shoot.

Video Marketing – Behind the Scenes Filming

Video marketing is all about making your video content go further and reach a wider audience. If you are investing in Video then consider adding a Behind the Scenes (BTS) element. A bit like the ‘bloopers’ that are run in the film credits at the end of a movie, BTS filming has become a staple of the media landscape.

Short BTS clips represent an honesty and authenticity in marketing, which is incredibly valuable to any business that seeks to build its reputation and foster goodwill. Market research tells us that consumers want open and transparent communications from a brand about how their products are sourced and made, but few feel that brands are delivering in this area. A recent study (from Cohn & Wolfe) found that 63% of consumers surveyed across 12 global markets would buy from a company they consider to be authentic over and above its competitors. Moreover, 6 in 10 would recommend an authentic organisation to family and friends.

Todays consumers have an evolved understanding of media context and production, which is why it’s so fascinating to see behind the scenes. Audiences like to get ‘under the skin’ of a brand or service to find out what makes them tick. Fly-on-the-wall documentaries like this enable your customers to gain a greater understanding of your brand’s personality and serve to create a positive vibe around your products or services. We shoot BTS for clients all the time, and it is another example of how we get more mileage from video production to re-use the original material beyond your website. Short edited BTS clips 15 – 20 seconds long, can be played out via video links on all your social media platforms, from google+, facebook, twitter, pinterest to Linked In and can also be embedded in your email database mailings. 

Here’s a little edit that Giles filmed of a BTS on one of our own productions. He shot this while producing our films for Chivas – The Venture.  It’s Canon 5D footage that has been graded and tweaked in post production to give a quality filmic feel.  You can watch the final cut of the project in Our Work portfolio.



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